Beechwood Avenue Fire Retrospective

Click here to watch an audio slideshow on the fire. Thanks to coffeego on flickr for the above photo on the left.

Special thanks to Eric Passmore of Nature’s Buzz, for the great interview. Also thanks to flickr users coffeego, basicallybrian and dwight_ew for allowing me to use their great photos in the audio slideshow. Finally, thanks to YouTube user fieldgamma for allowing me to use the audio from his actual video of the fire on March 16, 2011 in the slideshow.


1 thought on “Beechwood Avenue Fire Retrospective

  1. Fantastic coverage of a very sad event, but you showed, with compassion, how the store “Nature’s Buzz” has been restored! I particularly enjoyed seeing the “only” remaining parts of the store in the “new” store. That was touching.

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